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Retailers can leverage MSFT Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS) to create competitive advantage

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 In a recent article, Bloomberg mentioned that many retailers are shunning Amazon AWS cloud platform because they believe that Amazon is using profit from AWS, which is highly profitable, to discount goods at website. This could be true as most of the conglobate function same way – profit from one business unit routed to grow other businesses. One more concern retailers raised that they are letting their data to being stored at their enemy platform. This is a legitimate concern as data can be leveraged to create huge...

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Can help Walmart to fly over Amazon?

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Recently Walmart acquired, an ecommerce company, for $3.3B. Walmart is trying from fifteen years to beat Amazon in eCommerce game. However, Walmart has no luck so far. On the other hand, Amazon has become eight hundred pound eCommerce guerilla and, looks like, it is un-stoppable. Jet brings experienced eCommerce leadership, technical talent, and logistics and distribution expertise. However, there are many differences between Amazon and Walmart that makes it difficult for Walmart to win the race. Digital Native –Key technologies...

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Welcome to InnoLitica

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Hello readers, We are a boutique Big Data and Advanced Analytics Consulting firm, striving to enable organizations innovate using data driven techniques. We provide consulting services and end-to-end solution for the following areas:  Analytics business consulting Platform and data Architecture and Engineering Data science, Data mining, Statistical analysis, Machine learning Analytics system maintenance We will add lots of tips, tricks, white papers, case studies, reports, industry news, happenings etc. in these posts. So please keep an eye...

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