InnoCampaign Manager

InnoCampaign Manager

A data driven multi-channel campaign personalization and audience management tool that increases ROI, loyalty, and customer engagements.

InnoCampaign Manager is a closed loop marketing automation tool that lets you create relevant and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. Use emails, mobiles, and social media to run relevant campaigns for customers.


Key Features


Targeted Marketing and Personalization: Our proprietary campaign analytical models are developed using deep domain expertise. It provides intuitive insights that enable higher response rate. The model blends both structured and unstructured data to understand three sixty degree view of customers. The three sixty degree view of customers helps to develop deeper insights and enables to deliver targeted offers at consumers’ inbox.  The solution minimizes data hassles and enables our customers to run relevant and personalized campaigns.


Cross Channel Marketing2Cross Channel Marketing:  Today customers have access to multiple devices. It is unrealistic to expect customers to change device or a channel preference.  As a result, marketers must constantly develop and coordinate highly orchestrated touch points and micro-campaigns that span multiple channels fluidly, in a way that the customer finds meaningful and trustworthy. Our solution’s built-in capability to run micro-campaigns across multiple ensure that you are reaching to your customers through the channel they prefer. Run your campaign using either or all of email, mobile, or website and be where your customer are.



ROIReal-time measurement and ROI:  Due to shortcomings in technology and processes, marketers are often unable to measure ROI in ways that will enable them to justify investments. They measure response rates and cost per response, but not the actual revenue produced by a campaign. Our solution ensures that marketing team is following best practices to measure ROI.  The tool enables marketing team to identify the type of campaign they will launch- For example, acquisition, lead generation, cross-sell/up-sell, survey, or retention. For each of the campaign types, our solution specifies a score that captures key success criteria for a campaign type.  This enables marketers to stay on top of their campaign with automated test and control, real-time reporting and ROI mapping.



Dynamic Segmentation2Dynamic Segmentation:  Customers are very dynamic and their behaviors are constantly changing. To understand customers’ changing behavior, organizations need to constantly change the campaign tactics that reflects changes in customer aspirations and circumstances. That means that campaigns has to be managed dynamically and in real-time to communicate with customers. Our solution enables dynamic segmentation that enables marketer to define and manage campaign in real-time.





personalize theme2Personalize Themes:  Select the goal you would like to achieve and system will create a personalize theme for your customers. Convey the message that matters most  to your customers.