Supply chain analytics

The increasing complexity of supply chain in recent years warrants analytics for supply chain for any company that wants to

  • Save organizational cost of maintaining high quality business
  • Increase profitability
  • Increase client satisfaction by reliable timely and right products
  • Increase flexibility of the organization to respond to fast and unexpected change in market demands

We in InnoLitica have deep industry experience, theoretical background, analytical tools and solid framework to help you succeed in your supply chain analytics and optimization opportunities.

We use an optimized framework for all our supply chain analytics processes:


We have grouped all the supply chain analytics in the following categories:

  • Supply chain reliability
  • Supply chain responsiveness
  • Supply chain flexibility
  • Supply chain cost
  • Supply chain assets management efficiency
  • Forecast accuracy


We provide deep analysis and actionable insight in all the above categories and more.

Our services include:

  • KPI modelling to enable business to drive specific productivity measures
  • KPI and dash-boarding design and real-time analysis to monitor supply chain performance
  • Advanced analytics and predictive analytics to predict market demand and optimized supply chain organizational goals.

Some of the business cases we can help any businesses are:

  • Unsystematic Under/Over Forecasting
  • Synchronization between functions on lead times and freeze points
  • Better capacity planning
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Stabilize production rates
  • High Level of Customer Service
  • Shorten customer lead times
  • Transparent Organization
  • Optimum W/C, Improve profitability

Customers who have used big data analytics and supply chain analytics have found successes:

  • 46% of customers said they have improved customer service and demand fulfillment of 10% or greater
  • 41% customer said they have faster and more effective reaction time to supply chain issues
  • 36% of customers said they have increased the supply chain efficiency by 10% or more
  • 36% customers said they have greater integration across all supply chain organizations
  • 33% customers said, they have optimized the inventory and asset productivity by analytics
  • 28% said, they have improved cost to serve